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Auburn's Gus Malzahn talks quarterbacks

Have to say I didn't see this coming. I'm not surprised that Todd was named the starting QB and I think he's the right person for the job this season. But I'm blown away at the move to wide receiver for Kodi Burns. From what video footage I've seen, Kodi was clearly the odd man out but this is truly unexpected. Todd is the QB that can best bridge the gap to Tyrik Rollison who I think will end fall camp as the #2 QB. Now, if Todd is injured I think that Caudle could become the starter early in the season while later in the season it would likely be Rollison. I think this because Tyrik is clearly the future and he will need some meaningful game experience to be ready for 2010. If he comes off the bench in mop-up duty or in certain situations, it will be best for his development. If Todd is hurt in an early season game, I would think Caudle will be the starter but after the mid-point Rollison should be ready to take the reigns. I hope Todd makes it through the season and finishes his career strong.

But what does it say about Caudle and Burns that Todd can miss spring practice and come in during the fall and within 10 practices win the job outright? Obviously they did not live up to the hype and aren't SEC caliber QBs. This is another knock on Tommy Tuberville and I hate to admit it. His talent evaluation or player development was severely lacking the last couple of years. When you hear Trooper Taylor say they may have to redshirt upperclassmen at WR because the freshmen are making huge strides, that is a direct reflection on the last staff.

I'm glad that Malzahn picked a guy early on and is going to stick with him. Not picking a guy and rotating who started early in the season was the worst thing that came out of the Tony Franklin experiment. No confidence by the player and in the player.

I can't say enough about Kodi Burns and I hope he finishes his career strong because if he stays on at AU as a WR and makes the best of it, he should always be remembered by Auburn fans as one of the best kids to ever set foot on campus. He has to be hurt because this is not how he envisioned his college career going. Burns can be a leader on this team and he's already taking that role on with his words these last 24 hours. Kodi is a great athlete and can do some great things at Auburn and I believer he will.

WRAS will be behind Todd 100% and I hope he doesn't have to endure the treatment from fans he got last year. The new coaching staff didn't owe any player anything other than to play the best one. So Todd shouldn't ever have to hear that he's "Franklin's boy" or whatever. He's Auburn's quarterback, that's it.

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