This is Bull Crap

I received this email today. That is a terrible time slot and no good for real football fans in Birmingham. Now what is there to listen to during drive time? Nothing good IMHFO.

You are a loyal listener of Dunaway and Brown and I want to give you a heads up on a major change that we will announce on the air today.

We are moving to the 10:00am-2:00pm time slot but we are staying on AM 690.

Ryan and I were told about the move Tuesday.

I know a lot of listeners expected us to move into The Roundtable time slot, but that was never a good move for the company.

Our take on this is simple:

1.We are happy to be able to continue to do a show that we are proud of; The content, the tone, the moral foundation is all something we are committed to keeping.
2.The station will make a few other changes that will surround us with better programming.
3. Like a player on a team, we are employees and have to trust the men and women who make the play calls that they are doing what is best for the team to win.

Ryan and I are excited that we can continue to do a show together. We feel this is just another step to our long term goals and we plan on being together doing The Dunaway and Brown Show for the next 25 years (Jim reaches retirement age after 2034 football season)

Thank you for your support and great sports conversation over the last five years and I hope you will move with us every time it happens over the next quarter century.

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