Good News For Everyone Involved?


What about the girl who was chased down and pushed?

It's good news for Sabear, the process and dad's wallet.

Picture courtesy of Tricky Nick.


Anonymous said...

Did you just use a picture of Tray Blackmon? (I'm not positive what he looks like.) Or is that Robert Baker? I don't think it's Jeff Burger, but his domestic record was pretty impressive as well.

Ell said...

You mean the girl who has refused to press charges? The one who was also arrested and also won't face any charges.

What I mean by good news for all involved is that none of these kids will face criminal charges - which, for the most part, seem unnecessary here.

Anonymous said...

UA as a 'football factory' is the realty. Its their DNA. More power to them. May they all rot is hell.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should've followed in the footsteps of Eric Smith... a true Aubarn (AL) man.