I Hate The New AU Car Tags


I was reading my AU Commons that AU is getting new tags and this is what they look like. Evidently there was a vote or something but I didn't get my ballot. Must have been a conspiracy because there was no reason to make drastic changes. I had no idea that universities had to change the design every 5 years but this is ridiculous.

I like the fact that "Auburn" is bigger and they kept the AU but it's too gaudy and "Heart of Dixie" is no longer written on it. I'm going to become one of those guys who still drives around with the tags that have Samford Hall on them, my face will never darken the door of the DMV and I'll just renew online so I can postpone getting a new one.


Acid Reign said...

.....I have to agree. I'm keeping my old one as long as they'll let me!

.....They could use that design for a "Rainbow Coalition" tag, or something.

Bag O' Donuts said...

There should be some kind of vote, these things look like a spring break T-shirt from panama city.

GPH said...

I don't like that it doesn't say University on it and the Alabama is too big now. Just a terrible decision.