Kevin Scarbinsky and Ray Melick's Cold Sore Debate Tough Discipline

On discipline, Chizik talks tougher than Saban


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Chizik has won the first ever Discipline Bowl! "Fear the Discipline Bowl thumb."

As for these two douches, the fact that Boogers are taking pride in their speculative analysis further shows Auburn's rapid decline. Upchurch's situation and Eric Smith's situation are completely different and Melick and Scarbinsky agree that they don't know exactly what happened. Upchurch was arguing with a girl and Smith beat a guy until he was unconscious and these two clowns are clearly making shit up to stir the pot. But go ahead Aubs and enjoy your Discipline Bowl when. It will be your only "victory" over us this year. Roll Tide D'bags. 36-0.

GPH said...

Bammers are the only people I know that will defend hitting women and children. It's the only thing they love more than the Bear.