2 Days Until Football Season

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Anonymous said...

If you inferior little redheaded stepchildren would stop paying "middle men" to try and get our program in trouble (by paying for fishing trips and laptops) just so you can hope to level up the playing field. The paranoia and inferiority complex is at an all-time high down in Lee County! I don't blame you, I'd fear The University as well if I was unfortunate enough to be in your guys' shoes.

Watch out for the private investigators. They'll be coming for those Aubarn (AL) boosters who promised Harris they'd "get him back for signing with Daddy Alabama". Nice try, but it's about to backfire epically!

What will you guys do when you're slammed with sanctions and are STILL FORCED to compete against Daddy Alabama who will be running at full strength? I think the answer is kill yourselves because the jealous rage and obsession built up inside wouldn't allow you to take it.