When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

This is a case when a simple "your momma" or "eff you" would have sufficed. I'm not excusing the BSU player for talking trash but that's all it was, talking a little smack to the guy who said that they "owed Boise an ass whuppin". Guess Blount meant it. And what a maniac Blount is. How many guys did it take to get him off the field? He's in Artest's class now and they need to kick him off the team. If, for example, Ben Tate did that (and there's now way he ever would) I'd say the same thing.

And what a crapfest that USC-NC State game was. I was wrong on my pick but I saw nothing out of USC that leads me to believe they can win more than 5 games. They stink.

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