WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 2

Auburn (-14.5) vs. Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: What a start for the Gene Chizik era. The team looked well-coached and confident. Chris Todd is a totally different QB. Some would say AU is getting a step up in weight class this week but didn't La. Tech beat MSU last year? I think they did but MSU's defense should give a better challenge. I'm not expecting another 3-2 game (my eyes can't take the beating). MSU's new coaching staff won't be able to keep this one close on the field or on the sidelines as Trooper and the rest of the boys stretch their chest-bumps-by-coaches lead on the rest of the nation. Auburn 28 - MSU 13

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 33 - MSU 17

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey loves the new Chris Todd. Wow, what a difference a little shoulder surgery and a little Gus can make. Mickey sees this game very similar to last week’s victory over the Bulldogs of Ruston. These Bulldogs from Starkganistan will be better and should be a much improved team from last year’s squad. Expect things to be close through the first half but Auburn should pull away in the second half...Auburn 34 – MSU 16

Georgia (-7) vs. South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: This game might match last year's AU-MSU game as a test case for the offensively challenged. Is Joe Cox starting or isn't he? Does it really matter? This game is always close and this year is no different...Georgia 14 - South Carolina 9

Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia 28 - South Carolina 13

Mickey Goldmill: This is the weekend of the Peach State vs. the Palmetto State. The Perfect Option took down Pelham’s own Dabo Sweeney in his SEC debut last night, Peaches 1 - Palmettos 0. Game number two between the hedges: Will this be The Ole Ball Coach’s last attempt to beat Jawga? Maybe, but it wont have a bearing on the game’s outcome. UGay narrowly escapes defeat in a sloppy game. UGay 24 – Cocks 23

Tennessee (-8) vs. UCLA

Walt Flanagan: Who knew the path of least resistance was going over the hilltopper? UT looked like a completely different team and look to make a statement against the Pac 10 team that started Fulmer's weighted down ride out of town. UCLA fell apart after this game last year and doesn't seem much better though they keep it closer than the experts think...UT 24 - UCLA 21

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 28 - UCLA 24

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey applauds UT as they continue to schedule quality out-of-conference opponents. We should get an idea of how much improved Kiffen’s Wild Boyz are this week as they do battle against UCLA. ESS EEE SEE speed wins as the hype grows in East Tennessee. UT 35 – UCLA 26

LSU (-14.5) vs. Vandy

Walt Flanagan: The Corndogs were almost ambushed last week as they obviously didn't expect that much of a dogfight from the U-Dub Huskies. They better bring their mustard this week or Vandy will take a bite out of them. I believe LSU is better than they showed last week and if they aren't, The Hat will wish he had taken that Michigan job when he had the chance...LSU 27 - Vandy 13

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 31 - Vandy 9

Mickey Goldmill: Is this the upset of the week? Probably not. Don’t put too much stock in Vandy, they get you all fired up just to let you down and break your heart (except for last year's Auburn-Vandy game). The Corndogs are too big, fast and deep for the ‘Dores. LSU 35 – Vandy 18

SPUAT (-34) vs. Florida International

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT looked good last week and clearly dominated Virginia Tech no matter what the score said. But that's what happens when your scholarships are worth more than everyone else...SPUAT 42 - FIU 3

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 41 - Florida International 9 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Zzzz….ZZZZZ….zzZZZ…zzZZZZzz. Snoozer. Cheaters win big. SPUAT 42 – FIU 7

Florida (-36) vs. Troy

Walt Flanagan: Florida toyed with Charleston Southern last week and has another tuneup before Urban Meyer unleashes his 250 pound bowling ball of teeth and bible verses on the Wild Boyz. May St. Tebow have mercy on your soul...Florida 52 - Troy 14

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 55 - Troy 13

Mickey Goldmill: Okay, so Mickey picked the wrong former Heisman winner to get hurt last week. What was Mickey thinking? Everyone knows Tebow’s bones are made of carbon nanotubes and are virtually indestructible. The men of Troy can't compete with carbon nanotubes. Mickey predicts snot bubbles. UF 56 – Troy 10

Last Week:

Walt (10-2 straight up, 5-3 versus the spread)

Morris (12-0, 6-2)

Mickey (11-1, 4-4)


Walt (10-2, 5-3)

Morris (12-0, 6-2)

Mickey (11-1, 4-4)

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Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO at Aubarn's inferiority complex. The only cheating going on in the state of Alabama is the Aubarn boosters using middle-men to destroy Alabama's program bringing them down to the barn's level. And how Pat Dye is teaching Gene Cheez-it how to follow in the footsteps of himself and Shug, by illegally playing catch-up with Daddy Alabama.

After we bend you over for the second consecutive season, you guys can then say Daddy Nick is using all his money to pay the ref's!

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