You Stay Classy, Big Ten Fans


josh said...

Call me a pud, but I honestly feel sorry for Erin Andrews after all the crap she has to put up with. The linebacker from usc humping her behind her back, Bruce Pearl accosting her, the whole hotel thing, I hope that when she comes to Auburn she is treated with more respect and chivalry than she has seen elsewhere in the country. After all, we are Auburn and we are better than the rest.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Although if that were in the south it would read "I eat pu$$y good." Let's give the yanks props on the grammar. Josh, I agree with you somewhat... she deserves better, but that is the society we live in now. every "celebrity" has their worshippers and nutjobs lurking after them and wanting to know what they ate for breakfast and what color their last poop was. It is very sad that so many people have nothing better to worry about than these useless facts, but that is the way it is. That said, all the celebrities these days have to understand that popularity and riches come with a hefty price tag.