WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 3

West Virginia @ Auburn (-7)

Walt Flanagan: That. Was. Awesome! WFVU played the Tommy Boy clip after what seemed like every play in the second half up in Morgantown last year. I hope those hillbillies enjoyed that game cuz it ain't happening again. They don't seem to think JHS is going to be intimidating but I know better. WFVU has the worst fans I have ever seen and we'll kill 'em with kindness as payback but the game will be a different story. This year's Auburn team is not last year's Auburn team and WFVU is the team most likely to quit in the 2nd half...Auburn 38 - WFVU 24

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 33 - WFVU 28

Mickey Goldmill: The Eff’eers should give our D its best test to date. Malzahn and the offense keep on rolling. Smells like victory! Tigers 31 – Eff’eers 24

Louisville @ Kentucky (-13)

Walt Flanagan: Remember the days of Louisville's dominant offenses? They are long gone and UK has the 'Ville's number right now and nothing changes on Saturday...UK 24 - UL 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Kentucky 28 - Louisville 13

Mickey Goldmill: Ahh, the battle for the Commonwealth. I can only imagine the Cardinal faithful long for the days of Bob Petrino and his potty mouth. Since Steve Kragthorpe (http://firekragthorpenow.com/) took over for the aforementioned former Auburn offensive coordinator, Louisville has been victorious in only twelve of the twenty-five games it has contested. From ’03 to ’06 Louisville dominated UK, winning by an average margin of 20.5 points per contest. Kragthorpe has yet to beat the Wildcats in his tenure at Louisville. Don’t expect for things to change any time soon. Kentucky starts the day off by representing the SEC’s day of domination over the Big Least...UK 30 – Louisville 14

North Texas @ SPUAT (-38)

Walt Flanagan: Is SPUAT under the Sabear starting to look like a team that plays to the level of its competition? It sure looks that way (see La.Monroe, Tulane, FIU) and North Texas is one of the worst teams in college football. Let's see if SPUAT has the killer instinct...SPUAT 42 - UNT 3

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 45 - North Texas 10

Mickey Goldmill: Do you think Terrance Cody keeps Wright Brand Bacon under his man boobs? Sure smells like it...SPUAT 38 - NTU 6

Florida Atlantic @ South Carolina (-21)

Walt Flanagan: Spurrier's corpse had Georgia right where he wanted him except he had Stephen Garcia and not Danny Wuerffel pitching it around on that last play. Their offense surprised me but I think it's an abberation. They'll win today but won't score as much...USC 28 - FAU 6

Morris Fenderbaum: South Carolina 38 - FAU 13

Mickey Goldmill: Carolina rebounds after the loss to UGay...Cocks 28 – FAU 3

SE Louisiana @ Ole Miss (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Is Ole Miss worthy of their ranking? I don't think so but we don't out any more about this team after Saturday than we did before...Ole Miss 42 - SE Lou 14

Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 40 - SE Lou 6

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Colonel Reb wins big. 35 – 6

Tennessee @ Florida (-28.5)

Walt Flanagan: The Jorts have had this game circled ever since Lane Kiffin starting running off his yap. Let's hope the pressure doesn't get to the players as they will obviously try to run up the score. UT will not be able to score consistently on UF but the key will be how often can UT get Football Jesus off the field. Enough, but not enough to get under the number...Florida 41 - Tennessee 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 43 - Tennessee 13

Mickey Goldmill: This one is gonna get ugly and Urban won’t even try hard. Out of control at the half. UF 38 – East Tennessee Cat Humpers 7

Louisiana-Lafayette @ LSU (-26)

Walt Flanagan: LSU is like Ole Miss, are they good or aren't they? I think LSU is good but they haven't proven it to me yet. This is the kind of game they used to drown the other teams in mustard in...LSU 31 - Ooh La La 3

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 49 - Ooh La La 9

Mickey Goldmill: I’m so tired of directional Louisiana, except when they beat the turds. LSU 28 – LL 17

Mississippi State @ Vanderbilt (-8.5)

Walt Flanagan: MSU has an offense now, Vandy doesn't seem to. That will be enough to keep this close but Vandy squeeks it out at home...VU 24 - MSU 23

Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 24 - Vandy 20 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Ugly game here. Vandy wins at home. 'Dores 28 – MSU 23

Georgia @ Arkansas (-1)

Walt Flanagan: Has Arkansas even played a game yet? It sure doesn't seem like it. Georgia didn't waste any time getting some real competition in and they've had a rough go of it the first two weeks. Something about this season tells me UGa is going to have a long one while the Hogs have had this game circled for a long time...Arkansas 31 - UGa 24

Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 24 - Arkansas 23

Mickey Goldmill: The only thing I have to complain about the new TV package is that there are too many SEC game at the same time slot on Saturday night. This game should be a barometer for Arkansas and where they stand. UGay squeaks another one out. North Campus is trashed again. UGAy 30 – Arkansas 28

Last Week:
Walt (5-1 straight up, 5-1 versus the spread)
Morris (5-1, 4-2)
Mickey (5-1, 3-3)

Walt (15-3, 10-4)
Morris (17-1, 10-4)
Mickey (16-2, 7-7)

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