5 Days Until Football Season

“I just gave him a pump fake and took it to the house."
-Sam Rives #5


Go crazy, Cadillac, go crazy!


What is the deal with these geezers?

First Lou Holthhhh picks Notre Dame to go the Mythical National Championship Game and now, in an ESPN podcast, Beano Cooke just picked Florida to beat Notre Dame in the MNCG. They have no credibility.

Healthy Woman Roof?


Marquis Daniels is noted for having several tattoos inscribed on different parts of his body. The tattoos range from a detailed map of Florida that covers his entire back, a caricature of a man blowing his head with a shotgun on his lower right arm, and Chinese characters on his other arm which were apparently intended to represent his initials, but translate to English as "healthy woman roof".

Tecmo Bo


Nike has unveiled a line of retro Bo Jackson inspired shoes complete with pixelated Bo Jacksons on the tongue playing baseball or football. Very nice. More shoes in the link above.

9 Days Until Football Season


Something smells fishy...

There are still two good months of fishing in the gulf. Got a strong back? Contact Mr. Curtis J. Anderson here and you too could win a deep sea fishing trip.

CFN SEC Bloggers Season Award Predictions


10 Days Until Football Season


Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" Alternate Lyrics

Have you ever met a player that you tried to bait
But a year to make friends they wanted you to pay
Let me tell ya a story of their fishing vacation
They was talkin’ to this guy from the Bammer nation
The way that they met him was, wait, he won’t tell anyone
They took a long trip but it turned too short
He just got onboard hurtin’, disc disease
They was carryin’ him fishing since he can’t stand up
He whispered in their ear, if I could hook a fish
Then he can ask you some questions to see if you are making hundreds
He was asked where they met, he said blah-blah-blah
They had 8/22 jerseys, they were very big bra
They said he’s Julio Jones and he was like Whoopty-do
He said, how do you like the library?
They said, we was very confused
I started catchin’ bass, they started throwin’ back tuna
But when I sprung the question, they acted kind of strange
Then when I asked, tell me tha truth, they tried to pretend
They said, we don’t go, let’s just be personal friends
Come on, Ingram was really goin’ for it
This is what Julio goin’ sing

You, you got what I need but you say we’s just personal friends
And you say we’s just personal friends, oh Curtis
You, you got what I need but you say we’s just personal friends
And you say we’s just personal friends, oh Curtis
You, you got what I need but you say we’s just personal friends
And you say we’s just personal friends, oh Curtis

So the NCAA took blah-blahs word for it at this time
‘Bama thought just havin’ a friend couldn’t be no crime
cuz Saban has friends and that’s a fact
Like Paul, Butch, Logan, and Ray
Forget about that, let’s get back to the story
About how they met blah-blah-blah that escapes me
So they started talkin’, gettin’ familiar
Spendin’ a lot of time so they can build up
A relationship and some understanding
How its gonna be in the future they was plannin’
Everything sounded so dandy and sweet
He had no idea Bama was in for an investigation
After this was published, everything was cool
The trip was over and they went back to school
He called every day to see how they was doin’
Everytime that he called them it seemed somethin’ was brewin’
He called them on his dime, Bama picked up, and then he called again
He said, yo, who was that? oh, we’s just friends
Don’t call them again, don’t ever call them again
Just don’t hurtem

You, you got what I need but you say we’s just personal friends
And you say we’s just personal friends, oh Curtis
You, you got what I need but you say we’s just personal friends
And you say we’s just personal friends, oh Curtis
You, you got what I need but you say we’s just personal friends
And you say we’s just personal friends, oh Curtis

So please listen to the message that I say
Don’t ever talk to a guy who says he just a friend

11 Days Until Kickoff

Kevin Scarbinsky and Ray Melick's Cold Sore Debate Tough Discipline

On discipline, Chizik talks tougher than Saban


Get your towels ready, it's about to go down!


It's not a fish story. Close friends and University of Alabama football stars Julio Jones and Mark Ingram did go fishing together during the offseason.

It was the involvement of a third party who paid for the trip -- Curtis Anderson of Athens -- that led the Alabama compliance department to investigate, as a precaution, for potential NCAA violations.

It's an example of how vigilant a high-profile football program must be.

Alabama officials said they've sent the results of their recently concluded investigation to the Southeastern Conference office, which in turn shares that information with the NCAA.
''The university is aware of Mr. Anderson and has taken appropriate steps," said a statement from Deborah Lane, Alabama's assistant to the president and assistant vice president for university relations.

''Mr. Anderson is not affiliated with UA. He is not a UA booster, fan or alumnus, and is not a UA season ticket-holder. In fact, Mr. Anderson told us that all of his family are fans of another SEC school."

Because Anderson isn't considered a representative of Alabama's athletics interests, it's not expected that the wideout Jones and the running back Ingram will be suspended from any games.

But no one can know for sure until the NCAA rules. Expect a decision before Alabama opens its season Sept. 5 against Virginia Tech.

Anderson can't believe it's gone this far.

''If they try to hurt those two guys," Anderson said. He didn't finish that sentence, but during a phone interview, he was clearly bothered by even the remote prospect that two young men he calls friends might be punished for helping him make a wish come true.

Anderson is the owner of Eagle Wholesale Supply in Athens. He paid for a fishing charter in the spring with Jones and Ingram from the Alabama Gulf Coast. Jones is from nearby Foley.
But there's so much more to the story.

''I didn't carry them fishing," Anderson said. ''They carried me fishing. I can't even stand up by myself."


He said he has degenerative disk disease, among a long list of physical ailments, and has been through six major operations.

He said, before his physical problems began, he was an outdoorsman who hunted and fished throughout the United States and Canada.

''For seven years, I haven't been able to go fishing," Anderson said.

''I wanted to go one more time. I said, 'If I can get a hook in one fish, I'll be happy.'"

Anderson said the charter boat captain was reluctant to let him take the trip because of his physical condition. He said they were supposed to travel 28 miles out but made it only six miles because he couldn't go any farther.

He said the trip was possible only because Jones and Ingram physically carried him onto the boat and supported him while on-board.

Anderson, who lives in Athens but also has a condo in Gulf Shores, wouldn't discuss how they met. But he said he'd been friends with Jones, who is from Foley, and Ingram for ''a long time."
He said they became friends, in large part, because he didn't know they were football players when they met.

''When I was told, 'This is Julio Jones,' I said, 'Whoopty-do.' I had no idea who Julio Jones was. I've got my right hand on this Bible. I swear to Jesus Christ, I had no idea who Julio Jones and Mark Ingram were when I met them and they became friends of mine.

''I didn't know for weeks and months."

Anderson said he's simply not a football fan.

''I don't have nothing to do with football at all," he said. ''I don't give a dang if anybody wins or loses."

Nor have his conversations with the players involved football, he said.

''Every single time I've talked to them -- ask anybody that knows me that has heard the conversations -- I say, 'How many days did you spend in the library this week? What are your grades? You tell me the honest truth.'

''They're personal friends of mine. Julio and Mark don't mean nothing to me as football players."

Anderson said he used to talk to the players ''non-stop" but was told to stop communicating with them. He wouldn't say who told him that, but did say that he has spoken to an Alabama official about the situation and has not spoken to anyone from the NCAA.

Anderson asked and answered a natural question about his friendship with Jones and Ingram.
''How can a 19- or 20-year-old black person care about a 55-year-old white person so much?" he said. ''Did the Bible say there was black and white?

''I haven't seen that. The Bible says we're all created equal."

Okay, where do I begin. 55 year old man befriends two 18 year olds and becomes their mentor and friend. He is so "invested" in their well-being that he basically demands to know if they are going to class and making good grades yet doesn't know what they do or are most well known for. They are such close friends for "weeks and months" and talk "non-stop" but the old man doesn't know they play football or what schools they are interested in when they "become" friends. They both go to SPUAT and he still doesn't know they play football for a major university in his home state. He doesn't care about football or who wins or loses but all of his family are friends of another SEC school. He's the only one who isn't a football fan. He says he has been friends with the two young men for a "long time" but refuses to tell how they've met. One of the young men is from Michigan and has only lived in Alabama for a year. He said, "they became friends, in large part, because he didn't know they were football players when they met." The old man despises football so much that he is more likely to befriend you evidently if you don't play. SPUAT tells the old man not to hang around Julio and Ingram anymore and conducts a 4 month investigation into this yet he has done nothing wrong. If he did nothing then he should continue to be "friends" with the two young men. Can football players not have friends? Why would SPUAT care if they became friends with someone? If the old man did nothing wrong, why won't he say how he met them?

Why, indeed.


Bammer of the Week


Way to stand up for your daughter, Dave Gryzb. Nothing is more important than tha Tahd and tha process. So you're standing up for this guy all the while the cops are saying this...

According to documents filed in court around 10:30 a.m., a UAPD officer was on patrol in the parking lot of the student recreation center. He saw Upshaw chasing Gryzb, who turned around and yelled at him, the officer said.

"At this time, Upshaw grabbed Gryzb by the back of the neck and hair with his right hand, and pushed her downward in what appeared to be an attempt to push her to the ground," Officer Rusty Romine wrote.



Make Money, Take Money

"When I get my hands on the ball, the first thing on my mind is scoring touchdowns," Onterio McCalebb said. "When I score touchdowns, I think about money. If you ask the players, `What does McCalebb say when he gets the ball on the 1-yard line?' Most of the players will tell you, `That's money.' Because you have to get in the end zone."



Chris Todd >

Auburn's Gus Malzahn talks quarterbacks

Have to say I didn't see this coming. I'm not surprised that Todd was named the starting QB and I think he's the right person for the job this season. But I'm blown away at the move to wide receiver for Kodi Burns. From what video footage I've seen, Kodi was clearly the odd man out but this is truly unexpected. Todd is the QB that can best bridge the gap to Tyrik Rollison who I think will end fall camp as the #2 QB. Now, if Todd is injured I think that Caudle could become the starter early in the season while later in the season it would likely be Rollison. I think this because Tyrik is clearly the future and he will need some meaningful game experience to be ready for 2010. If he comes off the bench in mop-up duty or in certain situations, it will be best for his development. If Todd is hurt in an early season game, I would think Caudle will be the starter but after the mid-point Rollison should be ready to take the reigns. I hope Todd makes it through the season and finishes his career strong.

But what does it say about Caudle and Burns that Todd can miss spring practice and come in during the fall and within 10 practices win the job outright? Obviously they did not live up to the hype and aren't SEC caliber QBs. This is another knock on Tommy Tuberville and I hate to admit it. His talent evaluation or player development was severely lacking the last couple of years. When you hear Trooper Taylor say they may have to redshirt upperclassmen at WR because the freshmen are making huge strides, that is a direct reflection on the last staff.

I'm glad that Malzahn picked a guy early on and is going to stick with him. Not picking a guy and rotating who started early in the season was the worst thing that came out of the Tony Franklin experiment. No confidence by the player and in the player.

I can't say enough about Kodi Burns and I hope he finishes his career strong because if he stays on at AU as a WR and makes the best of it, he should always be remembered by Auburn fans as one of the best kids to ever set foot on campus. He has to be hurt because this is not how he envisioned his college career going. Burns can be a leader on this team and he's already taking that role on with his words these last 24 hours. Kodi is a great athlete and can do some great things at Auburn and I believer he will.

WRAS will be behind Todd 100% and I hope he doesn't have to endure the treatment from fans he got last year. The new coaching staff didn't owe any player anything other than to play the best one. So Todd shouldn't ever have to hear that he's "Franklin's boy" or whatever. He's Auburn's quarterback, that's it.


23 Days Until Kickoff

This is Bull Crap

I received this email today. That is a terrible time slot and no good for real football fans in Birmingham. Now what is there to listen to during drive time? Nothing good IMHFO.

You are a loyal listener of Dunaway and Brown and I want to give you a heads up on a major change that we will announce on the air today.

We are moving to the 10:00am-2:00pm time slot but we are staying on AM 690.

Ryan and I were told about the move Tuesday.

I know a lot of listeners expected us to move into The Roundtable time slot, but that was never a good move for the company.

Our take on this is simple:

1.We are happy to be able to continue to do a show that we are proud of; The content, the tone, the moral foundation is all something we are committed to keeping.
2.The station will make a few other changes that will surround us with better programming.
3. Like a player on a team, we are employees and have to trust the men and women who make the play calls that they are doing what is best for the team to win.

Ryan and I are excited that we can continue to do a show together. We feel this is just another step to our long term goals and we plan on being together doing The Dunaway and Brown Show for the next 25 years (Jim reaches retirement age after 2034 football season)

Thank you for your support and great sports conversation over the last five years and I hope you will move with us every time it happens over the next quarter century.


Tiger Rags' Cow College Shirts

This is how you do it. LSU did it with the corndog shirts below and Auburn is doing it. Take something that others poke fun at and turn it around, embrace it if you will. Don't think I'm not getting one of these!

Stupid Corndogs

EMBED-Choke Hold Knocks Out Drunk Guy - Watch more free videos


Deep Fried Coon Ass

Ya gotta give props when props be due. And Mickey is sharing the love today. Apparently, LSU fans have learned to embrace our taunts. Corndog Nation, Mickey sends his love.


Practice Video - Day 2

Auburn practice: Day 2

I'm no QB coach or even a Tony Franklin but Caudle looks better than Burns. He has more zip on his throws and they don't float as much as Kodi's.


I Hate The New AU Car Tags


I was reading my AU Commons that AU is getting new tags and this is what they look like. Evidently there was a vote or something but I didn't get my ballot. Must have been a conspiracy because there was no reason to make drastic changes. I had no idea that universities had to change the design every 5 years but this is ridiculous.

I like the fact that "Auburn" is bigger and they kept the AU but it's too gaudy and "Heart of Dixie" is no longer written on it. I'm going to become one of those guys who still drives around with the tags that have Samford Hall on them, my face will never darken the door of the DMV and I'll just renew online so I can postpone getting a new one.


ESPN's New Division 1A


Vote for which 40 teams you would keep as Division IA teams out of the current 120.

I voted for every SEC team except Miss. State, Kentucky & Vandy.


Broken Record

ESPN needs to put this man out to pasture. I love when old guys talk about the glory days like anyone else but there is a limit. I swear ESPN just recycles old podcasts with Beano Cook and Ivan Maisel and just changes the date. Beano cannot go 15 minutes without talking about Joe Paterno, Notre Dame or Army-Navy. Give it a rest! No matter what Maisel brings up, Beano finds a way to turn the conversation to one of those 3 topics. He may be dead for all we know and someone is just on the other line with a tape recorder playing something Beano said in 1949.

What set me off? Beano asked Maisel if Auburn rolled Toomer's Corner win AND lose? That, my friends, is someone past his prime who needs to retire.

CFN Picks AU preseason #35